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Jun. 12th, 2021


Regain list

Well, such as she has, anyway. (★ = regained)


☆ TARDIS key/necklace

☆ Wallet w/family pictures

☆ Transport disc

☆ Sensible clothes

☆ Running boots!

☆ Boosted immunity

☆ Enhanced memory

---Regains available: 01

Dec. 25th, 2011


024: [Phone/Action for housemates] Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas this year

[As seems to be a disturbing pattern lately, she's missed another nightmare. Actually, the missing isn't a problem...it's the whole 'having her brain swapped out for a drone's' that bothers her. There's probably some worth in figuring out whether she's so vulnerable to droning lately because her spirit's been damaged by what happened to Dexter or whether Lucy doesn't fancy her getting much quality time to investigate her theory...but either way it's irritating.

Still, a part of her is relieved that whatever she missed, it didn't result in another fireplace doorway...or any of the more gruesome things she'd heard about from last year. She's got no idea what she'd do about that if she had to deal with it now. Anyway, apparently whatever determines how long she's out of it didn't feel she ought to skip Christmas. Honestly, she didn't really care.]

I suppose it's safe to assume there was some Christmas prank or another I missed out on? Is everyone still in one piece, then? Don't suppose I missed out on anything groundbreaking about the town? System error message, maybe?

Dec. 12th, 2011


023: [Phone] The most wonderful time of the year

[Oh. Oh, she is so over this snow thing. So over it. Then again, she figures slipping and bruising her hip on the ice is a legitimate reason to be completely irritated at it. Because, obviously that is the source of her irritation, and not the fact that it's Christmas again, and in fact she's been here a year today (or thereabout, she forgets if she checked the date when she arrived), or...how Christmas went last year. She's not interested in another Father Christmas joke, and she's definitely not interested in whatever game they'd play with Dexter this year.

It's not as if anything they show her will be
true, anyway. It's just...annoying. It's just annoying, that's it.

Eventually, she ends up on the phone, rather than searching the streets for a sign of Dexter or an escape.]

I was talking to someone last month who got...cut off. Are you still around out there? [There must be some way of getting to that information without getting droned. There must be.] Anyone who's new this year...if you see anything about Letters to Santa or...Christmas town things, just stay as far away as possible, however you can. You don't want to know what happens if you get near them.

Nov. 12th, 2011


022: [Phone/Action for housemates] L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + START + SELECT

[So far, the longer she thinks about her new theory the more she believes it. Maybe she just wants to believe it. Maybe she needs to. Then again, she'd believed in the impossible and found a way to cross universes and find the Doctor even when he'd been so sure no one could. It's not the first time her stubbornness and her cleverness has worked hand-in-hand and achieved things she probably shouldn't have been able to. Why should that change now?

Truthfully, she's not sure yet what to do about it, but...but it's something. It's a glimmer of hope, and that's better than she had before. And maybe there's others out there who can think of something she can't.

Maybe she just needs a distraction because Dexter is gone. Really gone, not just droned but missing. Whatever the case, she picks up the phone at about midday.]

So I've been wondering...what if...y'know how much about this place just keeps changing and defying the laws of reality? This place is like one long bad dream you haven't got any control of, yeah? The things that Lucy [she doesn't care what the creature's real name is, she drains people of their souls to power her town and drag more in.] does and undoes at a whim, the ways that reality just shifts and alters and people can just...die and come back and...[disappear. Forget everything. Lose who they are. She frowns and stares down at the floor a few moments.] Is there anyone out there who's good with computers? What do we do if we're not trapped somewhere but in something? If this is some sort of experimental immersive simulation game controlled by some outside force, how do we turn it off?

Oct. 15th, 2011


021: [action] Is this the real life~

[So...she managed not to trade herself in for Dexter, or even to try...but she's still not doing particularly well about the idea that her Doctor managed to come here only to be droned forever. She's kept mostly to herself, cooking up plans that ultimately never pan out, and convincing herself not to do something drastic like confronting Lucy. She keeps an eye on Dexter, and keeps up about as close to a friendship as one really can have with a drone. It's not much, but it means keeping track of him, and ensuring nothing bad happens to him. It's something, at least.

Obviously Mayfield is planning something for Halloween, but she can't really bring herself to care. It's done its worst and she's survived it. She's survived and she's not given up. Sooner or later she'll find a way to fix him, and she's not about to leave until she does. Which isn't to say she won't help people escape...she just won't leave without him whole. Ever.

Today is not a day she went to see Dexter, but she's out and about anyway, walking through the suddenly-fall Mayfield. Maybe this is all just a holographic projection of some sort? No magic, no strange and unexplained soullessness, just...tricks and illusions.

She stops on the sidewalk and watches the playground full of droned children. It would explain April, wouldn't it?]

....S'pose it could be.

Sep. 12th, 2011

This is not good

020: [Phone/Action for 1333] And if I only could make a deal with God...

[She's been rather quiet since she realized Dexter--her Doctor, who she'd been worried over since Christmas--had no sooner come here than gotten himself made a permanent member of Mayfield's army of drones. Even in her own house she's mostly kept to herself, and much of her time has been spent...wasted...going over to visit the droned version of Dexter. Finding a way home is pointless if the person she's trying to get back to is here and...not.

But there's hope. Toris mentioned when she'd been droned it looked like she'd never come back. Maybe it's the same with Dexter.


No, she's given up waiting on him to just snap out of it, but she's not given up on finding a way to reverse it. Because there has to be. She can't bear the alternative. And so she turns to the people of Mayfield with another question.]

The post office...you can trade bits of yourself and home for other...things, right? [She worries at hr lip a moment.] Has anyone ever tried...trading for souls? Or whatever they actually are. Cos...it's...they can undo it, yeah? So d'you know if anyone's tried a straight swap? [Because if it would work, it's very possible that's exactly what she'll do. Whether he'll like it or not.]

Aug. 14th, 2011


019: [Phone] Have you seen this boy?

[She's kept mostly to herself for the past month. She's been a little...agitated at being droned twice in a row. Well, half-whatever-droned the second time, but it counted well enough. Besides that, with the little upheaval with Jane Smith and Grady dying, she's been quiet so she can pay attention to any future changes. Or giant mechanoids walking through the streets, whichever came first. So far, apparently, there'd only been that ridiculous ad. And, really, she couldn't help commenting on it.]

Who's really gonna want to try out for that? What's even the best case scenario for that sortov thing? It turning out t'be another joke? I can't put it past 'em to be offering sign ups to be the next 'Lucy's New Mum'. [Honestly, she could see them doing that, really.] Also...has anyone seen a tall skinny bloke wandering around town? Probably carrying bits of scrap around, likes t'wear blue, has...really...wild brown hair and answers to the name Dexter? I haven't seen 'im around, and I'm starting to worry he's gotten lost somewhere in the city, working on some project. If y'see him, tell him to call me or I'll smack him when I see him next. [After a moment] That's 1333 Benny Road, by the way.

Jul. 21st, 2011


018: [Phonecall] Ketchup game

What's the death toll up to, now? [There's a thoughtful pause, and then] I think I missed out on a few discoveries while I was playing housewife and throwin' away all my things...probably both times, actually.

I don't s'pose anyone's got time to catch me up?

Jul. 19th, 2011


017: [Phonecall\Action for 1333 Benny Road]

[While the latest bout of madness passed her over personally, it's little comfort, considering just how much things seemed to be overturned in the process. She half expects to find out there's mechanized bears in the street again. And her without anything from home. Then again, maybe she's just overreacting and hypersensitive due to all of the droning...and drone-like behavior.]

Is it me, or are...things coming faster recently? Like Lucy's losing control again--really this time. It makes me wonder just how much of that April Fools day 'joke' was coverin' up for actual slips.


[She's not happy that she'd lost her gun right after she got it back. There's not much hope of her actually managing to fashion anything resembling it out of the scraps Mayfield has to offer...but she's trying to anyway. Which means the kitchen counter is a mess.]

Jun. 12th, 2011


016: Welcome back, Co-no wait. [Action]/[Phonecall]

[The denizens of 1333 Benny Rd will doubtlessly have had a calmer week with their 'mother' figure no longer tinkering with things, lugging around tools, and generally keeping atrocious hours. The floral print of her dresses, though, might have been a counterweight to the quiet. Also, probably the way she'd want to cook and clean. Earnest though she might have been, she probably wasn't that skilled at the efforts.

Or she was. Which might have been creepier for anyone who'd witnessed her previous half-hearted attempts.

Whatever the case, some time mid-morning of the 12th, it abruptly ended. Mid-swing, actually, as she was attempting to knock dirt from a rug. Or...whatever it is that hitting rugs did, Rose never was sure.

Doubtlessly both residents of 1333 Benny Road and anyone nearby would hear the shout her transformation elicited.]

What th'hell am I wearing?

[Some time in the afternoon, after she'd gathered up everything her drone self had accumulated to wear and thrown it out into the garbage outside, she finally made it to the phone.]

...Hi. Sorry about that, if I harassed anyone. I can't find my necklace...[She frowns] it's a rope, actually. A rope and a key? Did anyone happen t'see where that got to? Maybe someone picked it up?

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