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How do I forget?

Rose Tyler
27 April
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I was like you
Rose Tyler. Once, she was your average London shop girl. She might have had dreams of something more, but she'd stopped believing she'd ever find it. She'd come to believe she might well spend the rest of her life in Henrik's or another shop in London, even if she still looked out sometimes and wished for more.

One day a mysterious man rescued her from shop dummies and blew up her work. The next day he ripped off her boyfriend's head and led her to a blue box that happened to be bigger on the inside and somehow traveled across London in a blink. Somewhere along the way, they managed to save the world and her boyfriend's life.

When he told her it traveled in time, she ran off with him and never looked back. Not really.

It wasn't always easy. Her first trip out she nearly died, and that pattern never quite broke, but that was part of the fun. She and the mystery man fought sometimes. Sometimes it was her fault the universe or the world was nearly destroyed. Sometimes they couldn't save everyone.

Sometimes they couldn't save themselves.

The mystery man changed his face, and for a few moments she could see the whole of time and space at once. Somewhere along the way, earlier than she realized, she fell in love with the strange, mystery man who could change his face.

One day there was a war, raged across two separate universes between two great armies. She and he and the Earth were caught in the middle, and when the battle drew to a sudden close, she found herself trapped in the wrong of the two universes.

She didn't give up, and one day, she found her mystery man again.

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I used to be you